Events: AM Yutnori Competition

The AM Teams and the CM-IT and QAPD Department showed their competitive spirit during the elimination round of the Yutnori Competition. All teams had fun trying to outwit their opponents in an intense battle of Yutnori. Team CM-IT & QAPD won against Team Niko and Team Jean won against Team Jhona. Check out some of […]

Team News: Team Niko’s Year-End Party

Team Niko had their year-end party last Friday, December 21. They enjoyed playing different games. They also enjoyed a scrumptious meal. They had fun exchanging gifts, too. TL Niko also recognized and awarded her members and some members of the management with certificates and gifts to acknowledge their contribution to the team. Check out some […]

Team News: Team Niko’s Boodle Fight

Team Niko had a boodle fight last Friday.  In the Philippines, boodle fight is a symbol of brotherhood and equality among Filipino military. It is also done in some special gatherings to build friendship and bond.  In boodle fights, food is piled on top of banana leaves laid out on long tables and has to […]