Office Tips: How to Critique a Colleague’s Bad Decisions in 4 Steps

It’s difficult to critique a co-worker’s idea or output without hurting their feelings. But in order to  help each other grow, we need to give each other helpful feedback. So here are some tips that could help you critique a colleague’s bad decision. Check out this article by Stever Robbins of for some tips.  

Office Tips: How to Deal with Coworkers Who Complain

  No matter how hard we try to build a good relationship with our co-workers, we cannot avoid facing ‘the complainers’. Complainers may get on to your nerves, but you can find a way to deal with them. Check out this article by Stever Robbins of for some tips.

Office Tips: How to make stress your friend

  Most of us believe that stress is an ‘enemy’, but health psychologist Kelly McGonigal suggested that we must change our perspective about stress. Check out this informative talk by Kelly McGonigal of TED  

Office Tips: 10 top time-saving tech tips

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Office Tips: Healthy Habits

  Health is wealth! Check out some of these quick and helpful tips by Visually on how to stay healthy despite your busy schedule at work.  

Office Tips: A workout at work?

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Office Tips: Are you a giver or a taker?

Do you want to know the type of person you are in your team? Check out this video of Adam Grant form TED to find out your work personality and to learn  strategies to promote a culture of generosity in your team.