Category: Events and Contests

2017 Best Employees Trip To Korea

One of Douzone’s goals is to reward teachers and employees for their hard work and contribution to the company. Last year, Teacher Nette and Teacher Ronald were awarded as Best Teachers and TM PM Supervisor Ethel Austria and HR Generalist Jomi Soriano were awarded as Best Employees of […]

Events: QP Campaign Winners

The second part of our Quality Policy Campaign for this year was held last Sept 10-28, 2018. IQA Auditors randomly interviewed teachers from all teams daily. All teams worked hard to memorize our Quality Policies and Quality Management Systems by heart but only 2 teams bagged the prize. […]

Events: Yutnori Championship 2018

The battle continued Last Friday, September 28. OPS-IT and Team Chie tried to outwit each other in the Yutnori Championship. AM CM Specialist Kevin came to see which team would win. In the end, Team Chie remained standing. Congratulations to this year’s Yutnori Champions, Team Chie! Check out […]

Events: Bet on Your Newbie

Newbies of different AM Teams competed in a quiz bee held in the Medium Con yesterday morning, September 20. Teachers Selena and Jean Carla represented Team Niko. Teachers Francis and Miguel represented Team Chelle and Teachers Marjorie and Reagan represented Team Jean. The quiz bee ended in a […]