Events: AM Yutnori Championship

Team Jean and CM-IT & QAPD battled it out fiercely in the Yutnori Championship earlier today, February 1. The great 장군 (generals) of Team Jean with 장군 Eleazar’s crucial throws secured their victory. Congratulations Team Jean!

Events: AM Yutnori Competition

The AM Teams and the CM-IT and QAPD Department showed their competitive spirit during the elimination round of the Yutnori Competition. All teams had fun trying to outwit their opponents in an intense battle of Yutnori. Team CM-IT & QAPD won against Team Niko and Team Jean won against Team Jhona. Check out some of […]

KClub Quiz Bee 2018

Last December 26, KClub members had the chance to showcase their knowledge of the Korean language in the KClub Quiz Bee. All teams from the AM and PM shift joined in the challenge. Our QAPD Manager, Shiela Ordovez, and our Operations Manager, Joey Choi, witnessed the fun competition among the teams. Team Jean was awarded […]

2018 Year-End Party Winners

The 2018 Year-End Party that was held last Saturday, December 15, was a fun-filled event for all the employees. Several employees won cash prizes for participating in the games. Several employees also won raffle prizes which include gift certificates, pampering kits, a stand fan, a washing machine, a waffle maker, an electric grill and many […]

QAPD’s Top Picks 2018

Last December 15, QAPD recognized the TOP Badge Earners for 2018. The teachers received certificates, gift checks and tumblers to reward them for their hard work and consistent display of excellence in teaching. The QAPD also gave gift certificates and tumblers to the winners of the badge raffle. Check out their pictures below!  

Events: 4 Pics 1 Word Challenge – Week 7

Can you guess what word these pictures correspond to? Comment down below and your team might be the winner of this week’s 4 Pics 1 Word Challenge! Put your name and the team where you belong when you send in your entries. Ex: 1. *answer*, Kiss – QAPD  

Douzone Year-End Party 2018

The annual Douzone Year-End Party was held at Vikings last Saturday, December 15. Everybody enjoyed not only the food raffle prizes and games, but also the performances prepared by all the teams in the AM shift and the PM shift. Check out this post for some of the photos taken during the party.