Category: Events and Contests

Events: TM – CM Team Building

The TM and CM departments had their Team Building last Wednesday, August 15. They enjoyed a scrumptious meal at Samgyupsalamat and later that day had fun doing activities which aimed to build their communication skills and trust among each other. Check out some of the photos and videos […]

Events: AM Engagement Activity

The battle continues in the AM shift! The teachers were grouped into 3 teams, yellow, red and blue, and competed in a game that showcased their English prowess. CM Kevin and AM TM Supervisor joined in the fun, too. Check out some of the pictures from the activity. […]

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Last May 18, 2018, Douzone celebrated Teacher’s Day. HR prepared balloons, message cards and treats for all teachers. All teachers received inspiring and touching messages from their leaders and other management members. It was truly a fun and memorable day! Check out these videos and pictures!