ALL THINGS KOREAN: "Seollal" Korean New Year

New Year’s Day (January 1) is one of the holidays that most people consider the most important. Meanwhile, “Seollal” which is also known as Korean Lunar New Year is the holiday that has more significance for Koreans. It is a celebration which marks the first day of the Korean lunar calendar. This year, “Seollal” falls […]

IDIOM OF THE WEEK (금주의 숙어): "When One Door Closes, Another Opens"

Can you guess the meaning of “when one door closes, another opens” 가 무슨 의미인지 아시겠어요?  ANSWER (답): – The end of one situation or opportunity is often followed by the start of a new one. SAMPLE SENTENCE (샘플 문장): “Don’t worry about not getting this job, honey—when one door closes, another opens.” SOURCE ***Disclaimer: […]

December 2019 Top Performers

In line with the company’s continuous desire for excellence, the Top Performers for the month of December were recognized last January 15, 2020. Our AM TM Supervisor Lunette Verano and TM Mgr. Yani headed the awarding program of the Top Performers. Check out some of the photos during the awarding.