Want to practice assessing essays and learn mo re about essay corrections? If yes, then please check this out. Uncorrectable Essays An essay is uncorrectable if it is:1. entirely plagiarized (no errors)2. gibberish or incomprehensible3. copied from the essay prompt If an essay is uncorrectable, we:1. Do not assess.2. Do not give a score.3. Leave […]

January 2019 Top Performers

In line with the company’s continuous desire for excellence, the Top Performers for the month of January were recognized yesterday, February 14, 2019. Our TM Manager, Yani Cammayo, headed the awarding program of the Top Performers. Check out some of the photos during the awarding.

Course Refreshers Schedule

Last month, QAPD held a series of Course Teaching Refreshers for Adults (INGLISH Easy Pattern 240, INGLISH Course, and Premium Talking) This month, we would like to invite you to the following Course Teaching Refreshers for junior students. Below are the schedules:


Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular event all over the world.  Many people look forward to celebrating it, but do you know how it started? Check this out. According to, “the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” […]