Vocabulary Tips (어휘 팁): Back to School Expressions

Now that winter vacation is over, it’s time to learn some back to school expressions. My English Teacher gave us some tips on how to use some words and phrases that are perfect for the upcoming school year.

Photo: Pixabay

1. As easy as ABC– very easy.

“My English exam was as easy as ABC. I think I got an A!”

2. Bookworm– someone who reads a lot.

“My sister reads a book every day. She’s such a bookworm!”

3. Brainstorm– to think of new ideas.

“We’re going to brainstorm ideas for our project this afternoon.”

4. Learn (something) by heart/off by heart– to memorize something so well, that it can be written or recited without thinking.

“I can’t believe you learned the whole lesson by heart! Well done!”

6. Hit the books– to begin to study hard.

“I have an exam tomorrow; I need to hit the books tonight.”

7. Pass with flying colors– to pass something with high score.

“I passed my driving test with flying colors!”

8. Copycat – someone who copies the work of another.

“She called me a copycat for submitting a similar report.”

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