PREMIUM TALKING TIPS: Study Finds Tea Drinkers Have Healthier Brains

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Don’t have any idea on what topic to discuss for Premium Talking Today? Then, please check out this article by DMM.

A study from the National University of Singapore has found that people who drink tea regularly have healthier brains compared to non-tea drinkers.

For three years, the researchers studied the brains of 36 adults aged 60 and above, and found that those who drank tea regularly – at least four times a week for about 25 years – had better organized brain areas, which is a sign of healthy brain function. Specifically, they drank either green tea, oolong tea or black tea.

As people get older, their brain function slowly gets worse. For example, many older people have difficulty remembering facts and events. However, drinking tea regularly may help to slow down this aging process by up to 50% according to another study by the same researchers.


To read the full article, please click here.

Article Source: DMM

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