Vocabulary Tips (어휘 팁): Expressions of Love

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Transparent Language gave us some examples of love expressions that are perfect to use this Valentine’s Day.

Photo: Pixabay
  • fall in love– when you come to love someone

“We fell in love after dating for a month.”

  • love at first sight– when you fall in love right away

“When I met her, it was love at first sight.”

  • first love– the person you first fell in love with

“He was my first love, way back in high school.”

  • puppy love– love between younger people (teenagers or younger)

“My son has a case of puppy love. It’s so adorable!”

  • love will find a way– love will overcome other obstacles

“He has to move for his job but she’s not going with him. I wonder if they’ll stay together.”

“Hopefully love will find a way.”

  • love-hate relationship–to both love and hate someone/something at the same time

“They’re always fighting and then making up. They have such a love-hate relationship.”

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