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Want to practice assessing essays and learn more about essay corrections? If yes, then please check this out.

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1. Is it related to the topic and thesis? (Stay on Target)

* A perfect score can be given. 

* If the essay was slightly related to the topic, a score lower than 10 can be given but it can’t be lower than 5.

2. Can you clearly understand the essay? Is it concise and complete?

* The lowest score for this item is 5.

3. Does the writer use descriptive words? Or Does the writer describe in detail?

* This item is based on the word counter conversion.

17. An appropriate word for the sentence

* Base on the word counter conversion score, 1 point or 2 points could be added or subtracted depending on the number of inappropriate words.

4. Does the essay have a unique voice? (written Personally, creatively and with style)

* This item is always scored 5.

5. Is it in an essay format? (Every paragraph has a topic sentence) (Introduction, Body, Conclusion)

* The lowest score for this item is 5, even if the essay was presented in lines instead of paragraphs.

6. The introduction has a hook, general statements, and thesis. (exciting and inviting)

7. The conclusion has a restatement, summary, opinion.

9. Ideas are logically organized and in a meaningful way.

* The lowest score for items #6, #7 and #9 is 3.

8. The writer uses transitional words or logical connectors. (Therefore, In addition, On the other hand)

10. Correct Punctuation (commas, colons, semi-colons, periods)

11. Correct Capitalization

* A perfect score can be given for items #8, #10 and #11 if there are no corrections.

* A score of zero can be given if the essay didn’t contain any transition words, correct punctuation, or correct capitalization.

12. No Run-on Sentences

14. No Fragments (not a complete sentence)

 * Items #12 and #14 should be scored interdependently.

13. Sentences maintain one tense

16. Subject & Verb Agreements

 * Items #13 and #16 should be scored interdependently.

15. Sentences in different length

* Consider the use of simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentences.

18. Evidence of Editing (spelling check, careless mistakes)

* A score of 1 is given if the essay has spelling or other careless mistakes.

* A perfect score can be given if there are no spelling or careless mistakes.

19. Each paragraph has one main idea.

* A score of 1 is given if the whole essay was presented in one paragraph with one main idea or the essay was written in lines.

* A score of 2 is given if 2 paragraphs have one main idea.

* A score of 3 is given if each paragraph has one main idea each.


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