PREMIUM TALKING TIPS: Playing Board Games May Help Memory as We Get Older

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Don’t have any idea on what topic to discuss for Premium Talking Today? Then, please check out this article by DMM.

A study has found that people who play non-digital games, like card or board games, lose their memories and thinking abilities more slowly as they get older.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh tested the memories and thinking abilities of over 1,000 people when they were 70 years old. They then tested them again every three years until they were 79. The people were also asked how often they did crosswords or played games like cards, chess or bingo.

At all ages from 70 to 79, people who played games at least a few times a week had better memories and could think faster than people who only played a few times a month or less.


To read the full article, please click here.

Article Source: DMM

To see the slides prepared by Teacher Julia, please use this link:

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