TEAM NEWS: Team Kyle’s Performance Meeting for September

Team Kyle had their Team Performance Meeting for the month of September. Check out their photos!

Teacher Jana got a QA score of 3.80, ST Jane got 3.85, while Teachers Jona, Kim, Lene, and ST Deborah got perfect QA scores! Certificates and rewards were given to these top performers. Team Kyle also gave ribbons as a special commendation for teachers who always comply to the requirements on time (update of WIC, CPS, etc). They also awarded their best mini team of the month named “Hufflepuff” with the following members: Teachers Alyssa, Jana, and Vince. PM TM Supervisor Ethel Austria also attended the Team Performance Meeting.

Best Mini Team
Teacher Deborah: QA Score 4.00
Teacher Jona: QA Score 4.00
Teacher Lene: QA Score 4.00
Teacher Jane: QA Score 3.85
Teacher Jana: QA Score 3.80

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