All Things Korean: Chuseok Holiday

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Medium Corporation gave us some details on what Koreans eat and do during Chuseok.

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According to Sook Hwang, the founder of Startnow says that “Chuseok” (秋夕 in Chinese characters, also known as “Hangawi”) is equivalent holiday for Koreans as Thanksgivings. In many ways the two festivals are similar.

It is one of the two major festivals enjoyed by Koreans, “Seol,” which is Korean Lunar New Year, and “Chuseok.” It is a three-day holiday in Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar.

What do Koreans Eat during Chuseok?

  1. Song Pyun– a type of Korean Rice Cake, eaten during special occasions
  2. Jeon-  Korean pancake, eaten during special occasions
  3. Korean Pear

What do Koreans Do During Chuseok?

  1. Many dress properly or wear Hanbok to their parents’ home bringing gifts.
  2. Preparing the table for the ancestor with 3 to 5 rows of Korean dishes that start from rice, hot soup, Korean dishes, Korean rice cake, chestnuts, fish, beef, and traditional drinks and desserts.
  3. After ancestral worship, families gather to have a big lunch.

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