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Want to practice assessing essays and learn more about essay corrections? If yes, then please check this out.

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When do we put a correction under prepositions?

We put a correction under prepositions when:

  • omitting a preposition
  • adding a preposition
  • changing a preposition to another preposition
  • replacing a word with a preposition


1. Omitting a Preposition

My purse was to stolen by the thief.
Correction: to: [OMIT]

2. Adding a Preposition

My mom baked some cookies me.
Correction: me: for me

3. Replacing a Word with a Preposition

I am going to Disneyland will December 25.
Correction: will: on

4. Changing a Preposition to Another Preposition

It will cost in least $200.
Correction: in: at

NOTE: It is under inappropriate words if you are replacing a preposition with another word.

I don’t want to buy a computer because it is to expensive.
Correction – to: too

Category: Inappropriate Words


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