TEAM NEWS: Team Niko Reached 60-Day Perfect Attendance

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Team Niko definitely showed that they can achieve anything! Check out this post and find out how they were able to reach their 60-day perfect attendance.

“It all started with a promise. We made a promise to each other, as a team, to strive and achieve Day 20. It was no joke to pull off as we all have our own challenges we needed to face. As we continued on this journey, we were faced with a new promise to keep. Perfect Day 40 Team attendance was a new challenge we had to conquer. With our personal goals in mind, and having the sense of accountability towards our team, we became more aware that we are not liable only to ourselves, but to our teammates as well. And now we’re here, Day 60 Perfect Team attendance. It was no cake walk. Nonetheless, the call to strive harder and to challenge ourselves to break records still holds true. We will press on to achieve our team’s next level.”


Team Niko

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