TEAM NEWS: Team Chie’s Performance Meeting for July

Team Chie had their team performance meeting last August 12, 2019. Rewards and certificates were given to those who got a perfect attendance and excellent QA scores for the month of July. TM PM Supervisor Ethel Austria was also present. A special certificate was also awarded to Teacher Riza for being a new member of the Elite Club. Check out some of their pictures below.

3rd Place: Lou Kaye Francia – 3.80
3rd Place: Paula Marzelle Pascual – 3.80
Marianne Jinnel Chiong – 3.80
2nd Place: Sherlyn Osorio – 3.85
1st Place: Riza Mohammad – 4.00
1st Place: Clarice Coleen Aleta – 4.00
1st Place: Jenny Mae Checa – 3.95
1st Place: Gife Reeven Laforteza – 3.90

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