LS Refresher 52: By vs. With

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TalkEnglish  gave the following rules  that will help us learn how to use by and with.

Photo Source: Pixabay

(a) With

  • Used as ‘with + a noun phrase’:  with a map 
  • Used to indicate being together or being involved: I ordered a sandwich with a drink.
  • Used to indicate “having”: I met a guy with green eyes.
  • Used to indicate “using”: I wrote a letter with the pen you gave me.
  • Used to indicate feeling: I am emailing you with my sincere apology.

(b) By

  • Used as ‘by + a gerund’: by using a map
  • Used to indicate proximity: He was standing by me.
  • Used to indicate the person that does something in a passive voice sentence: The microwave was fixed by the mechanic.
  • Used to indicate an action with a particular purpose: You can pass the exam by preparing for it.
  • Used to indicate a means or method:  Please send this package to Russia by airmail.

To learn more about by and with please click here.

To take the quiz, please click here.

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