LS Refresher 49: Which vs That

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Confusion over the use of which and that is not something that you should be ashamed of. These two words are often misused even by writers. This post will shed light on when and how to use these terms.

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English Grammar gave the following rules  that will help us learn how to use which vs that properly.

a.) Generally, that can be used in clauses referring to people, groups, or things.

“The Study That Said Female Doctors Are Better Than Male Doctors”


b.) Meanwhile, which can only be used in clauses that refer to groups or things.

“US states propose new laws which could stop people protesting against Donald Trump”

The Independent

a.) Also, that is used to introduce essential or restrictive clauses. These are relative clauses that limit a general, ambiguous noun and enable the reader to determine which one the writer is referring to. These clauses add information that is critical to the sentence’s message.

“The Hawaiian volcano that created a spectacular firehose of lava just collapsed”

The Verge

b.) On the other hand, which is used to introduce nonessential or nonrestrictive clauses. These clauses only add supplementary information.

“Tell us your fondest Falcons memories, which will hopefully be replaced soon”

The Falcoholic

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