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Spelling vs. Inappropriate Word

When do we categorize an error as Spelling and Inappropriate Word?


1. The word is misspelled.

Example #1:

Stve Jobs was the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Apple.

Example #2:

Nannorobots will one day be able to swim through the bloodstream and treat medical conditions.

** Nannorobots: Nanorobots CATEGORY: SPELLING

2. There is faulty spacing between words (combined words).

Example #1:

Somepeople can swim with dolphins.
** Somepeople: Some people CATEGORY: SPELLING

Example #2:

The United States has no colonial policy, for ThePhilippine Islands and Porto Rico can scarcely be called colonies.
** ThePhilippine: the Philippine CATEGORY: SPELLING

3. It is a compound noun.

Example #1:

Do you believe in an after life?
** after life: afterlife CATEGORY: SPELLING

Example #2:

They walked along the road in the moon light.
** moon light: moonlight CATEGORY: SPELLING


  • Replacing any word with another word other than a conjunction, preposition or article
  • Omitting unnecessary words/phrases (not conjunction, preposition, article)
  • Errant noun forms (singular to plural, and conversely)
  • Errant verbs (not verb forms)
  • Change in word form/function
  • If it is an existing and valid word.


  1. TV plays an important part in every day life.
    ** every day: everyday CATEGORY: Inappropriate word
  2. She will loose her money if she gambles with it.
    ** loose : lose CATEGORY: Inappropriate word

Everyday vs. every day:
Everyday as a one-word form is an adjective meaning “ordinary,” used to describe something usual
Example: These are my everyday clothes.
Every day as a two-word phrase, is an adverb used to explain how something is done.
Example: I go there every day.

Lose vs. Loose:
Lose – pronounced with a “z” sound – is a verb meaning to not have something anymore, to be unable to find something or to not win.
Example: I don’t want my football team to lose the game.

Loose – with an “s” sound – on the other hand, is an adjective that means free, unattached or not tight. It’s also a verb meaning to untie or let go of something.
Example: A loose sweater feels very comfortable.


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