Grammar Tips (문법 팁): “Shout at” vs. “Shout to”

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Is there a difference between “shout out” and “shout to”? Check this post and find out.

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According to Speak Speak, using different prepositions for the verb ‘shout’ changes the meaning.

Shout at

This suggests that we’re angry.

  • The receptionist decided to leave because the boss often shouted at her.
  • Please don’t shout at me: calm down and speak normally.

Shout to

When we shout to someone, we want them to hear us. They might be on the other side of the street, or a distance from us in a noisy place.

  • She shouted to me from the upstairs window.
  • shouted to them across the busy road, but they didn’t hear me.

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