Douzone’s Elite Program

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Douzone is launching the Elite Program to comprise of exceptional teachers who consistently maintain a QA score of 3.85 and above. The program also aims to provide development courses for high achievers and hone their skills and abilities as exemplars of superior performance. For further details, please refer to the guidelines below.

Elite Club Benefits

  • Certificate of Recognition from Management upon initial entry
  • Inclusion in the company’s Honor Roll posted in bulletin boards and company blog
  • Automatic contribution of his/her latest score to Monthly Team Average (average of the 3-month qualifying scores)
  • Refer to Elite Benefits Hierarchy illustration below.

Eligibility for Membership:

A. Candidates must maintain MSET/MSPT Performance Scores of 3.85 and above for 3 consecutive months.

B. Within those 3 months, candidates must have maintained a clean performance record

  • No Customer Complaint
  • No Class-Related IR


The Elite Club Membership will be updated monthly.

  • All teachers who meet the eligibility requirements will be privileged to be included.
  • The tracking and updating of Club membership will follow a monthly Rolling System.

Program Launch

  • The program will initially be implemented on April 1, 2019. (Initial members will be teachers who met requirements from January ~ March 2019)
  • Team Leaders will submit a list of candidates who maintained QA monitoring scores of 3.85 and above for 3 months to TM Supervisors for verification (for succeeding batches, this needs to be submitted by the 2nd of the month)
  • TM supervisors checks the candidates (in coordination with CM) for CRIR and Customer-Complaints)


  1. Elite Club Members need to maintain monthly MSET/MSPT score requirements.
  2. Members will be monitored randomly by QAPD within the 3-month-guarantee period.
  3. Any member who would have a record inconsistent with the eligibility requirements will be dropped from the group in the next period
  4. Members dropped from the group would need to meet all eligibility requirements for another 3 months for re-entry
    Elite Benefits Hierarchy

Elite Benefits Hierarchy

For Douzone teachers and staff, you may use the link below:

\\duzonenh2\blog$\01 Blog Posting\2019\May\03\EliteProgram

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