Grammar Tips (문법 팁): Present Perfect Tense

Do you know how to use the present perfect tense properly? If not, check this post and find out.

Source: Pixabay

According to Writing Explained, the formulas for the present perfect tense for singular and plural subjects, respectively, are:

has/have + past participle

We generally use the present perfect tense to talk about an action that started, or happened once (or several times) at an indefinite period or point in time in the past, and still continues, or may continue to the present.

Here are some uses of the present perfect tense:

  • Completed actions: I’ve lost my keys. (I lost my keys, so I can’t get in the house now.)
  • Multiple actions at different times: I’ve played the guitar ever since I was a teenager.
  • Uncompleted actions: Susan hasn’t mastered Japanese, but she can communicate.
  • Uncompleted states: They’ve been married for nearly fifty years.
  • Experiences: My last birthday was the worst day I have ever had.
  • Accomplishments: Scientists have split the atom.
  • Changes over time: My English has really improved since I moved to Australia.
  • Recent past events: Scientists have recently discovered a new breed of monkey.

Note that the present perfect tense is commonly used with these unspecific time expressions:

already once in my life before
since ever since for so far
until now up to now still yet
ever never just recently
first time many times several times N times (N = any no.)

To know more about this topic, click here and here.

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