Premium Talking Tips: Vitaminwater is offering $100,000 if you can stay off smartphones for a year

Don’t have any idea on what topic to discuss for Premium Talking Today? Then, please check out this article by CNBC. 

Source: Pixabay

Could you actually ditch your smartphone for a year? Vitaminwater wants to find out, and it’s willing to part with $100,000 if someone can rise to the challenge.

To enter the contest, you need to submit a post on Twitter or Instagram, including the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest, and outlining what you’d do if you couldn’t swipe or scroll for a year. The deadline to enter is January 8, 2019.

Megan Leonhardt, CNBC

To read the full article, please click here.

Article Source: CNBC

To see the slides, please use this link:

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