LS Refresher 25: Some, All or None – Subject-Verb Agreement

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When words including “some,” and “none” are part of the subject, what rule do we follow? Check out today’s LS Refresher video and find out.

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According to e-Education Institute, when “some,” “all,” or “none” are part of the sentence subject, the number of the verb matches the number of the noun to which “some,” “all,” or “none” refers. Note below how the subject (“sample,” “samples,” etc.) controls the number of the verb.

Some of the sample is contaminated.

Some of the samples are refrigerated.

All of the bone is intact.

All of his bones are broken.

None of the ground is disturbed.

None of the grounds are mowed.


For more info about this topic, please click here.


To watch the short LS video, please use the link below:

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