Essay Assessment Refresher Quiz – December

Want to practice assessing essays and learn more about essay  corrections? If yes, then please check this out.



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Essay Agreements



1. Category: Mispelled Names of Persons

-For mispelled names of persons especially famous/fictional characters, corrections must fall under Spelling and not Inappropriate Words.
-For example:
Porter: Potter
(as in Harry Potter) even if there is such a word as porter (lowercase)


2. Category: Phrasal Adjectives and Hyphens

-When a phrasal adjective precedes a noun, it usually takes a hyphen, or for phrases of three or more words, hyphens.
-The same phrases are unhyphenated when they come after what they modify.
over-the-top characters
The characters were over the top.


3. Category: Scientific Names

-The scientific name should have both genus and species: Felis catus.
-Capitalize only the genus part of the scientific name.
(In the past, you would capitalize the species designation if it was derived from a proper name, example: Megalonyx Jeffersonii, but now the species designation is always lowercase: Megalonyx jeffersonii. )


4. Category: Capitalization of School Subjects

-Capitalize the names of school subjects only when you use them to refer to a specific course.
I am excited to study history this summer.
I’ll be taking History 101 at the community college.


5. Category: Dog Breeds

-Capitalize only the proper name:”German,” “Labrador,” “English,” “Newfoundland,” and “Dalmatian.”
-Dog breed ITSELF is not a proper name, so use “bulldog” and “English bulldog,” “poodle,” and “French poodle.”



To take the quiz, click here.



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