LS Refresher 9: The Disappearing “That”

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Check out today’s LS refresher audio file and don’t forget to answer the short quiz after.


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According to VOA Learning English, “There is not really a rule about when to leave out the word that from a that-clause. It is a stylistic choice.” The site further stated that, “…there are three general characteristics that usually go along with leaving out the word that from a sentence.” These three general characteristics are:


  1. The verb in the main clause is “say” or “think”.

  2. Subject of that-clause is the same as the main clause.

  3. Subject of that-clause is a personal pronoun.



To listen to the audio file, please use the link below:

\\duzonenh2\blog$\01 Blog Posting\2018\09 September\18\LR



To see the transcript of the audio file and  know more about today’s topic, please click here.



Please click here to take the short quiz.

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