Essay Assessment Refresher Quiz – July

Want to practice assessing essays and learn more about essay  corrections? If yes, then please check this out.


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When do we put a correction under Spelling?


It’s under SPELLING if…

  • The word is misspelled. 
    Example: Bethovin is one of the greatest musicians in the world. / Bethovin: Beethoven / CATEGORY: SPELLING


  • There is faulty spacing between words (combined words).
    Example: Medicaltourism is a highly-debated topic. / Medicaltourism: Medical tourism / CATEGORY: SPELLING 


  • It is a compound noun.
    Example: Being a fire man is a dangerous job. / fire man: fireman  / CATEGORY: SPELLING  


  • It’s under Inappropriate Words if it is an existing and valid word.

Example: I give my baby a good night kiss before he sleeps. / good night: goodnight / CATEGORY: Inapp


To take the quiz, click here.


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