Team Douzone Passed 2018’s ISO Surveillance Audit

The ISO Surveillance Audit for 2018 was held last Friday, June 1, 2018. Different functions were audited and Douzone passed with flying colors! We all know that everyone worked hard for it, so kudos to all! Please check out some of the pictures taken during the audit.



The Management team with the ISO Surveillance Auditors posed with “#NoNC posters” after the announcement of the results of the audit. 




TM Managers Ethel and Yani and the TLs representing TM functions: 



QMR Aiz, Manager Jin and DC Interim Shiela assisting IT during their audit: 








IQA TL Jeni was audited for IQA: 




Miss Vernie was assisted by QS Sarah during the Purchasing and Finance audit: 



QMR Aiz showed some records to the auditor during the audit of HR functions:   



QS Sarah  explained our DC Database system to the auditor during the DC audit:   



The Management Team and the auditors during the closing meeting: 



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