Language Refresher 93: Move in vs Move over

Collins Dictionary gave the following rules that will help us learn how to use move in and move over. 


Source: Pixabay



(a) Move over (phrasal verb): 

  • If you move over to a new system or way of doing something, you change to it.

         Ex: We moved over to the Danish system of collecting the milk directly from the farm.

  • If someone moves over, they leave their job or position in order to let someone else have it.

         Ex: They said Mr Jenkins should make balanced programs about the Black  community or move over and let someone else who can

  • If you move over, you change your position in order to make room for someone else.

         Ex: Move over and let me drive. 

(b) Move in (phrasal verb): 

  • When you move in somewhere, you begin to live there as your home.

        Ex:  Her house was in perfect order when she moved in. 

  • If someone moves in on an area of activity which was previously only done by a particular group of people, they start becoming involved with it for the first time.

        Ex: He saw an opportunity to move in on a rapidly growing business.



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