Premium Talking Tips: More Korean workers economically dependent on parents

Don’t have any idea on what topic to discuss for Premium Talking today? Then, please check out this article by The Korea Herald



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South Korean college graduates in their mid-and late 20s are finding it increasingly difficult to land a job.  Despite several government-led measures to increase youth employment over the past decade, a high proportion of young job seekers are still getting rejection slips from enterprises. As a result, those who have no regular income often rely their parents even after they turn 30. Latest polls show that more and more Koreans in their 20s and 30s are scrapping plans for marriage. More serious is that even those with jobs are not moving out of their parents’ homes. A male salaried worker surnamed Park, 35, works at a company affiliated with a conglomerate. He commutes between his parents’ house in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, and his workplace in downtown Seoul.

-By Kim Yon-se, The Korea Herald 




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Article Source: The Korea Herald 


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