Current News: Teachers call for abolishment of Teachers’ Day

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Teacher’s Day was celebrated in South Korea last Tuesday. On this day, students usually show their gratitude and appreciation to their teachers by giving them carnations. This national holiday was intended to show respect to teachers for their contributions. However, some South Korean teachers expressed that they don’t feel respected anymore.  Check out this article by the Korea Herald.


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Students at a middle school in Busan stand in line to offer their teachers roses in celebration of Teachers’ Day, on Tuesday. (Yonhap)/ Via The Korea Herald



Celebrating Teacher’s Day on Tuesday, Lee Seo-hee felt a sense of awkwardness receiving a paper carnation from a student, as he has often been a troublemaker who would never listen to her. “I know I have to embrace all students, but still it is difficult for me to deal with students when they often tease me and do not respect me as their teacher,” Lee, who has been teaching in an elementary school for three years, told The Korea Herald.  In her career, she has experienced some cases of sexual remarks and inappropriate behavior from male students, but except for telling them to stop, she has been mostly powerless.  While stressing that she is still grateful for her student’s appreciating remarks, she said she cannot help but feel a sense of distance on the Teacher’s Day.

-By Jo He-rim, The Korea Herald.


To read the full article, please click here. 


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