Health Tips: Bad Breath-3 Causes And 3 Remedies


Bad breath is a major no-no in any social relations.  Just imagine the horrifying effect of an unpleasant breath when you talk to your co-workers! It can totally give your co-workers or bosses a bad impression about your hygiene. But don’t worry because bad breath can be avoided and cured! Check out this article by Sadhana Bharanidharan of MSN Lifestyle.





1. Bacteria in the mouthStudies suggest the most common cause of bad breath is the accumulation of bacterial plaque in the mouth, including parts such as the teeth, the gums, and even the tongue.

While improper hygiene habits could be to blame, a common trigger is mouth dryness which provides the perfect environment for bacteria. This is also why most of us have bad breath in the morning since the lack of saliva production during sleep leaves the mouth dry.

2. Disease and medications

While this is relatively less common compared to the previous cause, it is still a possibility. A very foul odor that is “much worse than traditional bad breath,” could be a sign of a lung problem, according to dentist Harold Katz, founder of the California Breath Clinics.

Bad breath can also be one of the possible signs of diabetes, a respiratory tract infection, chronic reflux, the formation of tonsils, etc. In some cases, the side effects of medications can also promote breath-related odor.

3. Alcohol, tobacco, and diet

Halitosis can be triggered by a smoking or drinking habit. While alcohol is known to cause dehydration, smoking can not only dry out your mouth but also increase the amount of odor-producing compounds in your body.

Additionally, experts have highlighted a low-carb diet or the habit of skipping meals as possible causes. According to, foods like garlic, onion, spices, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and radishes may also be culprits.

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