Korean Culture: Barbershop offers a cultural space for gentlemen

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Uncle Booth CEO Jin Min-joon poses with scissors and electric clipper (Photo by Park Hyun-koo / (The Korea Herald)

While Barber Shops are slowly becoming outdated in some places, the Uncle Booth Barber Shop is just starting to gain popularity as a hip place for Korean Men in South Korea. Check out this article and video by the Korea Herald.









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“The revival of the barbershop is being driven by a set of carefully redefined features and services reserved for male clients. One factor is a pressure-free interaction atmosphere between customers and barbers.  “Older barbers in our parents’ time even knew how many pairs of chopsticks the customers owned,” said Jin Min-joon, CEO of Uncle Booth (www.unclebooth.com), in an interview with The Korea Herald, referring to an old Korean idiom describing the casual intimacy at a barbershop chain.”

– By Ahn Sang-yool, The Korea Herald 


To read the full article, please click here. 


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