Premium Talking: Job-Quitting Videos Are Latest Internet Phenomenon

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Real-life video clips showing office workers gleefully quitting their jobs are the latest phenomenon on the Internet. One video shows a young woman waving to get the attention of her co-workers as she enters her office, before informing them, “I told my boss I’m quitting!” as she pumps her fists in joy. Many of the videos have garnered tens of thousands of views. A 12-minute clip posted on YouTube last month showed a college administrative staffer tendering her resignation and going through her last day at a job she had been doing for the previous two years. Her coworkers can be seen congratulating her and even presenting her with a cake. In another clip, a 25-year-old who has just quit his job at a labor law office to go backpacking around the world says, “Working in a large office, I felt as if my sense of existence was disappearing.” Other videos show people talking with friends and having a good time watching sports or enjoying other activities after quitting their jobs.

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Article Source: The Chosunilbo

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