Language Refresher 85: Take on vs Take up

My English Teacher  gave the following rules that will help us learn how to use take on and take up. 



Source: Pixabay 


(1)  take on

    -accept a job, responsibility / to employ, hire somebody

-If a vehicle such as a bus or ship takes on passengers, goods, or fuel, it stops in order to allow them to get on or to be loaded on.



  • I can’t take on any extra work, I’m too busy.
  • They want to take on ten more assistants.


(2)  take up

     -start a new sport, hobby, school subject / fill space (or time)/ start again, resume



  • When I’m fluent in English, I’ll take up Spanish lessons.
  • This cupboard takes up too much space, I don’t want it in my living-room.




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