2018 LS Training Series Week 2 Evaluation Instructions

Check out this post for the instructions of  2018 LS Training Series Week 2 Evaluation.


Source: Pixabay


1. Record a VIDEO of yourself (please use the video recorder in your pc-type “CAMERA” in the search bar of your desktop) while answering the materials found here. [WEEK 2 EVALUATION MATERIALS]


2. Please ensure that your face is fully visible and your audio is clear when you record the video


3. Follow this naming format- LS Training Week 2 Evaluation_(YOUR NAME) and post your video recording here:

\\openfiler3\teacher.profile.op_teacher\t.cher\Language Training Evaluation Week 2

*Please create a new folder rename it as LS Training Week 2 Evaluation_(YOUR NAME)


4. Kindly double check the quality of your recording (audio and video) before submitting. Also, please keep in mind that this evaluation will have a huge impact on the development of your skills and on the status of your training, so please do your best!


5. Send QS Sarah a message in pandion once your done with your recording. Please accomplish the video recording before the end of your shift until April 4, 2018 (Wednesday). 

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