2018 LS Training Series Day 8

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Check out this post for the Language Training Day 8 Materials



Source: Pixabay






1. Listen to the recording and take note of the correct pronunciation, accent and intonation.
2. Practice reading the transcript aloud.
3. Answer the discussion activity found below the transcript.
4. When you’re ready, record the transcript and your answer to the discussion activity.


**Use the voice recorder on your desktop. Type “Voice Recorder” in the search bar and the app will appear.

5. Save your recordings.
6. Click HERE to upload your recordings. You may be asked to sign in using your Google account. (GMAIL account)
7. Accomplish the recording within your shift.



The recordings and transcript are in this link:

\\duzonenh2\blog$\01 Blog Posting\2018\03 March\29\Day 8

Click the link below to upload your recording (Ensure that you’re signed in to your google account)


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