Essay Assessment Refresher Quiz-March

Want to practice assessing essays and learn more about essay  corrections? If yes, then please check this out.





Topic: Preposition (to) vs Infinitives (Conjugation)


a. We categorize ‘to’ under Preposition when:
– adding ‘to’ before a noun;
– replacing a word with the preposition ‘to’;
– we need to omit it (when omitting ‘to’ alone, even if it’s before a verb, it should still be under Preposition)

1. My family will go ski resort and go skiing.
ski : to a ski
2. Father to bought a new camping car.
to: [OMIT]

b. We categorize ‘to’ under Conjugation when:
– it is used as an infinitive:
*adding ‘to’ before a verb

1. We would go to a ski resort go skiing.
go: to go
2. I want eat kimchijiggae.
eat: to eat


To take the quiz, click here.

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