Teachers’ Corner: Teacher Julia’s Lunar New Year Getaway in Penang, Malaysia

Douzone has a lot to brag about talented teachers. I AM Douzone’s Teachers’ Corner features some of our Douzone Teachers and some snippets in their lives! This Lunar New Year, Teacher Julia had a great holiday at Penang, Malaysia. Check out some of her pictures!





During the Seollal celebration, Teacher Julia certainly did not pass up the opportunity to go on a romantic getaway in Malaysia with her significant other.  According to her, these long holidays are ought to be taken advantage of, especially since they are in a long distance relationship. Her boyfriend has been working in Singapore, so it’s not so often that they get to spend some quality time with each other.



The highlight of their trip was when they visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Penang. They especially liked the simplistic and peaceful lifestyle of the locals there. Some of their favorite spots there are George Town, which is famous for its street art and the Blue Mansion, owned by businessman, Cheong Fatt Tze. They also loved how diverse the food choices were in Penang, which is a clear manifestation of the various ethnicities that influenced their dishes.



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