Teachers’ Corner: Teacher Jogi’s Love Story

Douzone has a lot to brag about talented teachers. I AM Douzone’s Teachers’ Corner features some of our Douzone Teachers and some snippets in their lives! This Valentine’s Day, let’s take a peek at Teacher Jogi Rili’s love story!


February is the month of love and there is no shortage of that here at Duzon. Today, we’ll take a look at Teacher Jogi’s love story – one that’s guaranteed to make you believe in love that stands the test of time and distance.

Teacher Jogi and her significant other have been together for 15 years. They’ve known each other since they were in grade school and were also neighbors when they were kids. Despite being seemingly inseparable as kids, as partners, circumstances forced them to live apart. However, the difference in their country codes did not prove to be a formidable hurdle in their relationship.

“When it comes to trials and challenges, we always settle everything by having an open communication with each other,” says Teacher Jogi, who believes that the key to any successful, long-distance relationship is to have both parties capable of understanding and communicating with each other.

Check out the photos of the lovely couple below: 





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