Essay Assessment Refresher Quiz-February

Want to practice assessing essays and learn more about essay  corrections? If yes, then please check this out.



When do we put a correction under Sentence Structure and when do we put it under Inappropriate Words?

>It’s under Sentence Structure if you are inserting or replacing some words, but retaining one word from the original set. Even if the remaining word is just an article or a preposition, the correction will fall under Sentence Structure.

1. I also call 117. (inserting)
also: would also
2. Maltes is character vivacity, (replacing)
Maltes is character vivacity,: The Maltese is vivacious.


>It’s under Inappropriate Words if you are replacing all the words, regardless of the length of the phrase or sentence.

1. Beat is delicious. (part of a sentence)
Beat: Meat
2. Monkey is giant. (whole sentence)
Monkey is giant: Monkeys are big


To take the quiz, click here.

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