Simply Interesting: Super Blue Blood Moon Time Lapse

The cosmic event — a combination of lunar eclipse, blood moon and super moon, popularly called as the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’– was visible in the western hemisphere for the first time in 152 years. If you missed the chance to witness this rare phenomenon, check out this video by Jason C. Lens Photography for the time lapse of the blue blood moon yesterday.





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What is a ‘Super blue blood moon?’

Supermoon is seen behind the US Flag at Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica, Florid / Via CNN []

“A “supermoon” occurs when a full moon falls at the same time as its perigee, which is the closest point of the moon’s orbit with the Earth. This makes the moon larger and brighter by 14%, according to NASA. The first supermoon of 2018 took place on New Year’s Day and was previously described by NASA as the “biggest and brightest” one expected for the entire year. As the popular idiom suggests, blue moons are rare and refer to when there is a second full moon in one calendar month.”


–Source, CNN News  – (Click to read the full article)

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