Teachers’ Corner: Teacher Rox’s Passion for Baking

Douzone has a lot to brag about talented teachers. I AM Douzone’s Teacher’s Corner features some of our Douzone Teachers and their interesting hobbies! This week, let’s take a peek at what Teacher Rox Loya likes to do when she’s not busy teaching!



24129949_10210647963935570_2403809903932851256_n What started out as a means to catch the attention of her now-boyfriend, baking has become one of Teacher Rox’s biggest passions. She used to bake oatmeal cookies for her friends and often received compliments about them. After much contemplation – and with the encouragement of her friends and family – Teacher Rox decided to make an extra income out of it. It all started with baby steps – selling amongst co-workers and relatives – but eventually blossomed into a full-blown business.

A deeply spiritual person, Teacher Rox is grateful to be given the opportunity to showcase her God-given talents. With her faith, coupled with the support of her business partner, she is able to manage her time between teaching and baking.


Got a sweet tooth? Check out these photos of her famous customized cakes:



What she thinks about baking and teaching:



To know more about her passion, check out the official Facebook page of her shop here.




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