Language Refresher 73: Lie vs. Lay gave the following rules that will help us learn how to use “lie” and “lay” 



Lie and Lay Chart

A. Example of to recline in present tense: I lie down for a nap at two o’clock every day.

-(in past tense): I lay down yesterday for a nap.
-(with a participle): I have lain down every day this week.

B. Example of to put or place something in present tense: I lay the book down.

-(in past tense): I laid the book down.
-(with a participle): I have laid the book down.

C. Example of to tell a falsehood in present tense: I am tempted to lie about my weight.

            -(in past tense): I lied about my weight when I renewed my driver’s license.
-(with a participle): I have lied about my weight each time I have renewed my                                                       driver’s license.


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