Office Tips: 5 Principles for Setting Good Goals

Start your year right by setting good goals, here are some tips from By Stever Robbins, Get-It-Done Guy.



1. Make Goals Specific

Bernice decided that her plant store Green Growing Things needed an updated look. So she called her team together and said, “Our new goal is to revamp the store! Bring me your proposals!” The staff jumped to work and came back with several proposals.


2. Make Your Goals Measurable and Achievable

It’s also important to make goals measurable. Otherwise, you won’t know if you reach them. “Revamp the store” is not measurable. “Have a modern look and feel” is more measurable. “Modern look and feel” isn’t perfect because it’s subjective, but it could be measured with an informal survey of customers as they walk into the store. Without a way to know the goal has been reached, you run the risk of working forever, even after you’ve reached the goal.


3. Break Your Goal into Subgoals

Now that the team’s goal is to update the store to a modern look and feel, they need to break it into smaller, more achievable subgoals. Subgoals are the smaller goals that are steps along the way to achieving the big goal. A goal that can’t be decomposed into steps is far less likely to be achieved.


4.  Make Sure You Have Subgoals for Everything

Those are both important subgoals. Both of these update the store to be more modern. But are they enough? Do they add up to the bigger goal? Conspicuously missing is a subgoal related to the appearance of the store.


5.  Make Sure Your Subgoals Don’t Overlap

Sometimes subgoals have subsubgoals. And those subsubgoals just might overlap. In that case, make the overlap area a separate goal on its own.


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