Premium Talking Tips: The insane amount of money millionaires need to be happy

Don’t have any idea on what topic to discuss for Premium Talking today? Then, please check out this article by MSN Money.





“They couldn’t pin happiness to a specific dollar amount, but unlike the average folks from the 2010 study, the attitude among millionaire respondents was a resounding “the more, the better.” In order to get a perfect “10” on the happiness scale, 27% of millionaires said they’d need a 1,000% increase in wealth, and 25% said they’d need 500% more. Most troubling, perhaps, is the less than 600 (13%) who said they could achieve perfect happiness with the amount of money they already have. That big existential question of whether or not money can buy happiness was also met with a shrug. Only at high levels of wealth ($8 million or more) were respondents found to be “happier” than those with lower levels of wealth, and the differences were modest; less than half a point on a 10-point scale.”


-Kristen Bahler, Money

Click here to read the article.

To see the slides, please use the link below:

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