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Simply Interesting: An international student who tried 4 American fast food chains for the first time — and the winner was clear


In-N-Out is one of America’s greatest treasures. punctuated / Flickr

Are you a fan of fast food chains? America is one of the countries that offers a variety of food to choose from. Even fast food chains offer a haven for gastronomic adventures! But which fast food chain is the best among the rest? Check out this interesting article written by Mr. Eddie ChoiSpoon University to find out!


“Having lived only in Asian countries my entire life, though, these options were limited by a whole lot for me. Obviously, I’ve always eaten from globalized chains like McDonald’s, but hearing things like, “I miss Chick-fil-A so much” from my American friends was also routine. I just couldn’t wait until I got to college so I could try all this new food (and to study of course).” –Mr. Eddie ChoiSpoon University 


To read more about this article, please click here. 

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