Language Trivia (언어 상식): Where Does “Halloween” Come From?

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Halloween is a holiday that we celebrate on the last day of the month of October. But have you ever wondered where did the word ‘Halloween’ come from? Check out this post by Grammarly to find out the origin of the word ‘Halloween’.


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“The word “Halloween” has roots in the Christian tradition. Hallow is an archaic word that evolved from the Old English word halgian. When used as a verb, it meant “to sanctify.” When used as a noun, it meant “holy person” or “saint.” The ‘een’ portion of Halloween is a contraction of even, a word you might know as “eve,” which means “end of the day.” This is why Halloween is sometimes referred to as “All Hallows’ Eve” or “All Saints’ Eve.” “All Hallows Eve” was used for the first time in the sixteenth century. We can thank the eighteenth-century Scots for the contraction Halloween.”

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