Inspiring Thoughts: Teacher’s Support

  Teaching is a profession that requires both expertise and passion. Here’s an inspiring video by Channel 4 about the incredible results of a teacher’s support that helped a student overcome his weakness!  

Vocabulary Tips: Empathy or Sympathy?

    Confused between “empathy and sympathy?” 이 혼동 되나요??  Check out this video by Oxford Dictionaries to find out which one is correct. 어떤것이 맞는지 아래의 글을 확인하세요  

Word of the Day: Whoosis

  Do you want to know what “whoosis” means? 이 단어의 뜻을 알고 싶어요?  Check this out to find out what “whoosis” means 이 글을 보세요  

August LS Refresher Idols

    Want to know who have been consistently getting high scores in our LS Refresher quizzes? Check this out.