Simply Interesting: Korean Billy- The Internet Sensation of 2017

    You might have came across one of his Youtube videos in the past. Kong Seong -Jae also known as Korean Billy. He is continually making a name as an online sensation, not in his own country but in Britain. Check out this interesting article by Kai Potter of Korea Herald.  

Vocabulary Tips: Phobias

  Do you have fears? There’s a handful of technical terms for fears that you probably haven’t heard of. Check out this video by Oxford Dictionaries to find out.  

PD Nuggets: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    Personal development is an important factor that can help everyone achieve his or her goals. It allows us to effortlessly interact with people and easily work with them. In line with our company’s continuous desire for improvement, PD (Personal Development) Nuggets will feature topics that will help us become better individuals.