Language Tips: English Conversation Strategies

Do you want to keep on improving your English speaking skills? (영어 말하기 스킬을 늘리고 싶나요?) Check out this video by Learn English with to know the proper intonation for questions.  (이 비디오를 보세요.)

Simply Interesting: Traditional markets busy ahead of Chuseok

Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day), is one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea. Family members gather together to share food and to give thanks to their ancestors.  Many Koreans visit their hometowns to spend quality time with their family, as well as spend time with friends. The holidays also provide a good opportunity…

PD Nuggets: Organization Skills

Personal development is an important factor that can help everyone achieve his or her goals. It allows us to effortlessly interact with people and easily work with them. In line with our company’s continuous desire for improvement, PD (Personal Development) Nuggets will feature topics that will help us become better individuals. Check out this video…

Office Tips: How to Critique a Colleague’s Bad Decisions in 4 Steps

It’s difficult to critique a co-worker’s idea or output without hurting their feelings. But in order to  help each other grow, we need to give each other helpful feedback. So here are some tips that could help you critique a colleague’s bad decision. Check out this article by Stever Robbins of for some tips.  

Idiom of the Week: Over a barrel

Can you guess the meaning of “over a barrel” 당신은 “over a barrel”” 가 무슨 의미인지 아시겠어요? Picture Source   

Grammar Tips: Further or Farther?

Do you want to keep on improving your English speaking skills? (영어 말하기 스킬을 늘리고 싶나요?)  Check out this post by Grammar Girl  for some tips on how to use ‘further and farther’. (이 비디오를 보세요.)